1 Pair Pull-Tight No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces Athlete-Friendly Shoelaces Never Tie Shoes Again



  • Engineered and designed to improve performance and keep shoes tight and secure for all age groups and abilities. Made for functionality along with style.
  • More comfortable than regular shoelaces - elastic cords distri bute pressure of laces evenly over your feet. Not only keep your foot secure, but also maintain a high level of comfort.
  • Ideal for kids: If you are tired of having to retie your kids' shoelaces or worried about them tripping and falling with their shoelaces dangling all the time, try tieless shoelaces for kids are a reality.
  • Never worry about tying your shoes again during any activity. Suitable for runners, athletes, triathletes, hiking, soccer, 133, golf. Perfect for men and women for sports and casual use, indoors or outdoors.


color : Orange

material: Polyester / reflective silk / rubber band

net weight: 20g  

package content: 1 pair of Shoelaces 

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