Pair of Wooden Shoe Tree Stretcher Shaper Keeper with Adjustable Width - EU Size 41-42

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Solid shoe trees can be used to store and display different types of shoes, with good usability. The spring-loaded shoe stretcher is mainly used inside a shoe to preserve its shape, and stop it from developing creases. These shoe keepers are must-have items for your home.


- Color: Natural wood color.
- Material: wood and metal
- Suitable for: EU 41-42.
- Length: Approx. 29.5cm.
- Height: Approx. 7.8cm.
- Width: Approx. 9.42cm (Max.)
- Adjustable split toe design with a slider plate for perfect width fit
- Fully contoured heel to comfortably fill the shoe for a snug fit
- Support perfect shoe shape, prevents creases and wrinkles
- Can be adjusted for width and absorbs moisture naturally
- Quality natural cedar wood fragrance offsets unpleasant smells